Frequently Asked
How did you arrive at the name SŌW Plated?

Great question. And, there’s really no short answer. The name is a result of many months of deep introspective about the brand we were about to build. From the outset of the journey, we believed it was important for the name to have real meaning and provoke thought. SŌW is essentially an acronym for three words that serve as the brand’s pillars of identity: sustainable, organic and wellness. Those three words frankly drive everything we do. SŌW is also a verb meaning to scatter seeds across the earth. As a plant-forward restaurant concept, that too was a connection point for us.

What is SŌW’s public health policy?

Since its inception, SŌW has made the health of our staff and guests a top priority.  Wellness being one of our three pillars of identity, food safety protocols are inherent in everything we do.   A few of our strict, long list of policies include sterilizing tables after every use with an organic microbial disinfectant, mandatory hand washing by our associates every 30 minutes, and guest facing sanitation stations. 

Why such a focus on mental health?

Mental illness is the quietest crisis in the world, directly impacting 1 in 5 people in the United States.  Yet, every single one of us feels its’ impact one way or another.  Knowing the evidence-based relationship food and mood share with one another, yet recognizing nutrition is generally missing from the mental health discussion, our passion is educating people about the importance of adopting a well-balanced diet in to your lifestyle.  In short, scientific study after scientific study continue to mount in support of the old adage “we are what we eat.”

I would like to partner with SŌW for an event/initiative. Whom may I contact about that?

We are always interested in hearing ideas about how to better serve our guests and community, and welcome any ideas that align with our mission.  You can begin the conversation by filling out our contact form or by sending an email with your thought to Community Relations at   

Does SŌW do event catering?

Yes. If you have a small, off-site event, you may want to look at our catering options to custom build your menu.  If you are holding a large event and need help planning your menu, kindly email our manager at info@sowplated to discuss your event catering details.  Our executive chef promises to always tailor a unique menu for your birthday, holiday, wedding, fundraiser or gala with our signature SŌW flair. 

May I rent SŌW for my special event?

The answer is absolutely yes.  We are open during normal business hours and have two options for your consideration at those times: our patio and our private private room.  For larger, even more extraordinary experiences, consider renting the entire restaurant itself.  To initiate that conversation, contact our manager at or fill our contact form and an executive manager will be in touch with you to discuss details.

What information do you have for those with Food Allergies and Special Diets?

Our menu contains codes at the end of each description indicating which items are Vegan, Vegetarian, Nut Free, Soy Free and Gluten Free.  We have taken special measures to develop these items to make sure that health, safety, nutrients and flavor are our top priorities.  We have studied and we understand the special food needs and the health crisis our community faces as a result of poor dietary choices and options.  We pledge to be a part of the solution, not the problem, when it comes to the special dietary needs of our customers.

Where do you source your organic produce?

We continually re-evaluate our partners to ensure we are serving the highest quality, organic, responsibly sourced food on the planet.  It’s not just something we talk about – it is simply a part of what makes us who we are.  Our commitment to quality is unwavering.  

Does SŌW champion any causes? 

SŌW works directly with the Wall of Hope, a non-profit dedicated to educating the Columbus community about food’s relationship with brain health, and supporting local families facing an immediate mental health emergency.  Two programs are underway. The first, Mental Wellness Mondays, provides nutrient-rich meals compliments of SŌW to families spending time inside the Ronald McDonald Family Room at Nationwide Children’s Big Lots Behavioral Health Pavilion.  Second is a program tailored to local high schools named Feeding Minds whereby respective school families confronted with a mental health emergency are provided nutrient-rich meals compliments of SŌW.

Does SŌW have a Diversity Statement?

SŌW does not discriminate based on race, religion, sex, age or sexual orientation.  We believe in a “live and let live” attitude and insist that our staff and customers feel safe and relaxed in our restaurant. SŌW strives to provide a positive and friendly atmosphere for all.   

Are you primarily a vegan restaurant? 

 We do firmly believe in the power of plants, and thus our menu showcases many dishes for our plant-based friends.  The oils we use are plant-based as well.  That said, SŌW was created to be that one-of-a-kind joyful place where people of all dietary preferences can come together to enjoy the highest quality and locally sourced food, be it whatever your dietary preference.  Eating is a very personal journey.  Our aim is to only ensure that every bite of food from our made-from-scratch kitchen is served at the peak of freshness, of the highest quality, free of antibiotics, 100% derived from whole foods, and good for you.

What’s the bar scene like at SŌW Plated?

We think it’s special.  The restaurant itself is stylish, the vibe always upbeat, with the centerpiece of the drink menu being the only fresh, cold-pressed cocktails in town.  A garage door opens connecting the interior space with a beautiful climate controlled 4-season patio and bar.  Happy Hour is served Monday- Friday 5-7 p.m.

Is SŌW family friendly? 

We have a menu specifically appealing to younger children. Why?  Healthy eating is for everyone.  In fact, the earlier in age we introduce the importance of what eating a well balanced diet means to your overall wellness, the greater the chances this translates to learned behavior and thus intuitively integrated in to a person’s daily lifestyle routine. 

Do you accommodate special diets?

It’s possible we’re unable to accommodate every diet, though we proudly offer a wide selection of the highest quality and locally sourced offerings to suit generally all dietary preferences, including vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free, and yes, even a selection of sustainably sourced animal proteins.

Why all the buzz about your Wagyu burger?

Wagyu is considered to be the “best for you” beef in the world, often likened to salmon in terms of its health benefits.  Containing extremely high concentrations of important Omega-3 fatty acids, Wagyu promotes powerful health benefits for the body and brain.  Scientific studies show omega-3’s can fight depression and anxiety. Our Wagyu is 100% grass fed and 100% antibiotic free.  Best of all, no beef is more flavorful than Wagyu.

How may I join the team at SŌW?

SŌW is always looking for talented individuals aligned with our mission to improve the mental health of humanity by the food we eat. To apply, simply fill out the contact form and we’ll be in touch.

So, explain to me what’s the big deal about organic? 

To be clear, there is no scientific proof definitively supporting that organic foods contain higher amounts of nutrients, vitamins and minerals than non-organic foods. What is not debatable is foods – namely water based fruits and vegetables – are more nutritious the closer to harvest they are consumed as their degradation process begins immediately after being removed from its host plant.  We prefer 100% organic practices because they support lower levels of detectable pesticide residue than does conventional farming, all the while promoting a healthy environment.  

Is SŌW a franchise operation?

SŌW Plated is not a franchise. We’re family owned and we like it that way!  Being a locally operated, independent restaurant is the very reason SŌW is able to adapt quickly and it gives our entire operation more soul and personality than you will find in many larger operations. It also allows us to be more agile and creative in our menus and operations.

How did SŌW start? Where can I learn more about SŌW?

SŌW began as a dream for Columbus couple John and Sunny Fahlgren in 2019.  Click here to read more about our story.

Does SŌW do social media collaborations?

First: fun question and second: absolutely!  We love collaborating with like-minded individuals to get the word out about SŌW and those that share our vision for great food and great health. For inquiries, DM our Social Media Manager at @sowplated.   

Does SŌW deliver?

Yes, through Doordash.

Do you require reservations?

Reservations are encouraged, especially on weekends.  Walk-ins too are always welcome.  The patio is available on a first come, first serve basis.

What do you mean by Cold-Pressed juices and cocktails?

Cold-pressing is a process of extracting juice without the use of heat or oxygen, thus preserving the nutrients of fruits and vegetables.  It’s an expensive, time-consuming operation capturing 100% of a plants vitamins, minerals and enzymes that otherwise get lost during a typical pasteurization process.

Does SŌW plan to expand to more locations?   

We do have a well-defined growth strategy in place, but for today our entire focus is making your experience at our flagship location the best it can be.  And, that takes time to perfect.