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Your generosity will ensure at-risk families receive delicious, nutrient-rich meals courtesy of SŌW Plated.

Wall of Hope
Donor-Advised Fund

Tax-deductable donations greater than $2500 managed by The Columbus Foundation

What is the Wall of Hope, and what is its’ mission?

The Wall of Hope is an energizing grass-roots movement serving as the underpinning of the SŌW Plated brand bringing together families and businesses united by a philosophy embracing integrated holistic treatment for mental health conditions. Its’ advocates are recognized as Champions for Hope. Our belief is that empowering treatment plans inclusive of the whole individual’s mind, body, and spirit work best to promote sustained wellness verses treatment plans that focus solely on the symptoms of a diagnosed medical disorder. The Wall of Hope’s mission is to (a) provide fresh, high quality, nutrient-rich meals for families enduring an immediate mental health crisis, and (b) educate our community about food’s evidence-based relationship with the human brain, and (c) develop creatively imagined hyper-local activities promoting mindfulness.

Why will the Wall of Hope make a difference?

Until we push ourselves as far as we are able, we will never know how far it is we can go. SŌW Plated is the first restaurant of its kind in the U.S. to be built on an evidence-based platform connecting food with brain health. Regretfully, lost in the mental health debate is the undeniable relationship food shares with mood. The Wall of Hope will touch on this sadly overlooked opportunity by finally introducing nutrition to the mental health conversation, delivering visible results for every citizen of our community to see in real-time. Standing immediately in front of us is the fact that family units caring for an individual battling a mental health condition face unimaginable headwinds the likes very few people can appreciate. The journey is incredibly lonely, with every step inherently filled with heavy, relentless waves of stress. Certain basic acts of assistance and education however are readily available to us guaranteed to radiate as beacons of light for these families desperately in search for any sign of hope.

O.A.R Quote
What People Are Saying

“Social consciousness is a responsibility we hold dear to our core, so we’re always on the lookout for
ways to improve the mental welfare of those most at-risk, and we couldn’t be more thrilled than to
partner with the Fahlgren family and their awe-inspiring Wall of Hope project. You guys rock!”

Multi-platinum musical artists
Alums The Ohio State University

Dr. Uma Naidoo Quote
What People Are Saying
This is Your Brain on Food

“What a true privilege to join John and Sunny Fahlgren to support my mission of improving the mental health of humanity by the food we eat.”

Dr. Uma Naidoo
Professional Chef, Nutritional Biologist
Nutritional Psychiatrist, Harvard
Director of Nutrition and Lifestyle Psychiatry,
Massachusetts General Hospital, Author of International Best Seller: This is Your Brain on Food

Dr. Luan Phan Quote
What People Are Saying

“We need more people like John and Sunny to elevate the conversation. They have an incredible
passion for the connection between nutrition science and how what we eat can heal us.”

Dr. Luan Phan
Professor and Chair of Psychiatry and
Behavioral Health
The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center

Dee Anders Quote
What People Are Saying

“We are proud to partner with John and Sunny in the Ronald McDonald House and Ronald
McDonald Family Room to provide delicious, nutritious meals to families spending time with us.”

Dee Anders, CEO
Ronald McDonald House Charities
Mental Health Advocate

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About the Wall of Hope LLC and Donor-Advised Fund

Choose Option (A) or/and (B) to Join a Movement Purposefully Designed to Deliver Transparent Results of its Work.

(A) Click here and follow the easy instructions to make a contribution up to $2,500 to the Wall of Hope, LLC supporting what are defined as more “grass-roots” type projects devoted to fulfilling our mental health mission. The results of all work made possible by your generosity will be displayed here. Contributions or gifts to Wall of Hope, LLC are not deductible as charitable contributions for Federal income tax purposes.

Wall of Hope, LLC Projects Include: Serving fresh, nutrient-rich meals prepared by SŌW Plated to individuals and families of our Columbus community facing an immediate mental health emergency. Initially served will be those at-risk families:

1) of the Ronald McDonald Family Room inside the Big Lots Behavioral Health Pavilion at Nationwide Children’s Hospital.

2) of the Tri-Village community, in partnership with Grandview Heights HS, The Wellington School, Upper Arlington HS.

3) Additional projects to come.

(B) Gifts above $2,500 may be made to the Wall of Hope Donor-Advised Fund at The Columbus Foundation supporting designated 501(c)(3) partners aligned with our mental health mission. The fund application is in the application process, with gifting details announced here shortly.

Wall of Hope Donor-Advised Fund Projects Include:

1) Clinical research at The Ohio State University examining the evidence-based relationship food maintains with the human brain. Study in development.

2) Additional projects to come.

Similar to one’s own personal mental health journey, the Wall of Hope will continually evolve, expanding upon current projects while adding even more projects proved to boost moods. Stay tuned here for all the latest news.

Wall of Hope in the News
Wall of Hope in the news
Wall of Hope Foundation: SOW Plated owners to amplify connection between food, mental health

Nate Ellis, ThisWeek
Published July 27, 2022

The owners of an Upper Arlington restaurant that focuses on locally sourced and pesticide-free food will launch a foundation in August they hope will help facilitate conversations about mental health and the role of nutrition in overall wellness.

Since opening SOW Plated at Shops on Lane Avenue in July 2019, John and Sunny Fahlgren have sought to “celebrate eating at its highest level” with a menu that focuses heavily on natural and local offerings.