The Green House $8
Kale, celery, lemon, apple, cucumber, ginger

The Carrot Sunrise $8
Carrot, pineapple, lemon, beet drizzle

Watermelon Lemonade $6
Watermelon, fresh lemon juice, organic simple syrup

Cucumber Limeade $6
Cucumber, fresh lime juice, organic agave nectar, soda water

Grapefruit Cinnamon Soda $5
Grapefruit, rosemary, cinnamon, organic simple syrup, lime juice, soda water

Yuzu Lemongrass Tonic $5
Yuzu, lemongrass, lemon juice, ginger, soda water, candied ginger

Pineapple Infused Coconut Water $6
Pineapple, coconut water, orange juice, madagascar vanilla bean

Organic Ginger Turmeric Antioxidant Tea $5
Ginger, turmeric, licorice root, lemongrass, matcha, orange peel, lemon peel

Raspberry Hibiscus Antioxidant Tea $5
Hibiscus, elderberry, black currant & cranberry pomace, rooibos, passionfruit, orange peel

Circle City Kombucha $5
Ginger Lemon | Rotating Seasonal

Vanilla-Almond Cold Brew Coffee $6
Madagascar vanilla bean, almond milk, organic simple syrup, Rambling Coffee Company cold brew


Why better, you may ask? The short answer is that cold-pressed refers to the labor-intensive juicing method proven to extract the highest nutrient content from fruits and vegetables a seldom used process given its time and cost commitment, all cold-pressed juices at SŌW are served 100% organic, 100% raw and 100% fresh. A perfect trifecta inherently also rewarding every guest with the most delicious juice. A better for you juice.

Carrot $11
Vim & Petal gin, carrot juice, apple juice, rosemary, organic simple syrup, lemon juice, rosemary smoke glass

Grapefruit $11
Organic Vodka, grapefruit juice, organic simple syrup, Thai basil, lime juice

Ginger $13
Reposado tequila, elderflower, orange bitters, lemon juice, ginger-honey syrup, soda water, flamed orange peel

Pomegranate $10
Hibiscus liqueur, pomegranate juice, lime juice, ginger beer, pomegranate seeds

Beet $12
Watershed Distillery Vodka, Amaro Nonino, beet, ginger simple

Cacao Old Fashioned $14
Cacao-infused bourbon, chocolate bitters, angostura bitters, organic simple syrup

Citrus $12
Bourbon, Contrato, Bigallet, lemon

Cucumber $12
Organic gin, elderflower liqueur, cucumber, kale, Green Chartreuse

Lavender $14
Empress botanical gin, lavender bitters, crème de violette, organic simple syrup, lemon juice, Aquafaba

Margarita $12
100% Organic agave tequila, dry curacao, lime

Pineapple $12
Pineapple rum, Tiki Bitters, pineapple

Watermelon $12
Watershed Distillery Vodka, pear liqueur, watermelon

Apple $14
Watershed Distillery Bourbon, fresh apple juice, lemon juice, spice simple syrup

Omission Pale Ale (Gluten Reduced) $6.5
Pale Ale, Omission Brewing Company - Portland, Oregon 5.8%

Homestead Tenpenny $7
American Amber Ale, Homestead Brewing Company - Heath, Ohio 5.4%

Saucy Stealing Signs $8
American IPA, Saucy Brew Works - Cleveland, Ohio 6%

Michelob Ultra $5
Light Lager, Anheuser-Busch - Columbus, OH 4.2%

Melvin’s Killer Bees $7.5
American Blonde Ale, Melvin Brewing - Eureka, MO 5.0%

Epic Son of a Baptist $8
Imperial Stout, Epic Brewing - Denver, CO 8.0%

Abita Purple Haze $6.5
Lager, Abita Brewing Company - Covington, LA 4.2%

North High Hopes IPA $8
IPA, North High Brewing - Columbus, OH 6.8%

Stella Artois $6
Pilsner, Anheuser-Busch - Columbus, OH 5.0%

What is a
"Sustainable" wine?

Creating a "Sustainable" wine begins with a process that protects the environment, is socially responsible and economically stable. The resulting product is high-quality, biodiverse, takes into account soil health, water conservation and renewable energy. We think that's pretty smart!

HOUSE RED (served chilled) Maison Idiart, Bordeaux, France $8/-

RIOJA,"Cune Crianza", 2018, Villalba, Puerto Rico $11/$44

CABERNET SAUVIGNON, Clay Shannon, 2017, North Coast, California $14/$52

CABERNET SAUVIGNON, Obsidian Ridge Estates, Lake County, California -/$84

CHIANTI CLASSICO, “Il Molino di Grace”, 2017, Tuscany, Italy -/$52

TINTO DE TORO, "Bigardo", Kico Calvo, Castilla y Leon, Spain -/$78
MALBEC, "A Lisa", Bodega Noemia, Patagonia, Argentina -/$53

BEAUJOLAIS, "Beaujolais-Villages", Joseph Drouhin, Beaujolais, France $10/$36
SHIRAZ-MOURVEDRE, "MWC", McPherson Wines, Victoria, Australia -/$48
SANGIOVESE, Bella Pazza, Abruzzo, Italy  $9/$46 (L)
PINOT NOIR, “Chemistry”, 2018, Willamette Valley, Oregon $13/$48

PINOT NOIR, "Jamsheed", Maysara, McMinnville, Oregon -/$77

ZINFANDEL, Grgich Hills Estate, Napa Valley, California -/$95
HOUSE WHITE, Maison Idiart, Bordeaux, France $8/-
CHARDONNAY, “Mâcon-Villages”, 2019, Burgundy, France $11/$42
CHARDONNAY, Joel Gott, 2019, Napa, California -/$52
CHARDONNAY, "Camp", The Hobo Wine Company, 2020, Sonoma, California -/$48
GAVI, "La Meirana", Broglia, Piedmont, Italy -/$54
PINOT GRIGIO, “Filadonna”, 2019, Alto Adige, Italy $10/$36

SAUVIGNON BLANC, Dashwood, Marlborough, New Zealand $9/$32
RIESLING, "Two Princes", 2018, Prinz Salm -/$54
WHITE BLEND, “La Solitude”, 2019, Cotes du Rhone, France $12/$45
ROSÉ, "Mariana", 2020, Alentejano, Portugal $11/$38
BORDEAUX ROSE, "Clarendelle", Clarence Dillon Wines, 2019, Bordeaux, France -/$40
ORANGE, "Skins", 2020, Central Coast, California $13/$49

BRUT, "Piper Sonoma", 2017, Sonoma, California $13/$50
BRUT ROSÉ, “Calvet”, 2017, Bordeaux, France $13/$48
BRUT, "Blanc de Blancs Reserva", Anna de Cordorniu, Haro, Spain -/$36
CHAMPAGNE, "Carte D'Or", Drappier Champagne, Champagne, France -/$119
PROSECCO, 2019, Treviso, Italy $11/$40
PROSECCO, Torresella Wines, DOC, Italy $11/$40
Hubbard and Cravens Coffee $3
Regular or Decaf

Hubbard and Cravens Hot Teas $4.50
HERBAL TISANE (Egyptian Chamomile | Green Rooibos)
GREEN TEA (Jasmine Pearls)
BLACK TEA ( Earl Grey De La Creme | English Breakfast)

Boylan's Bottling Company Pure Cane Sugar Sodas $3
Cola | Diet Cola | Lemon-Lime | Black Cherry | Root Beer | Ginger Ale