A Commitment to Improve the Mental Health of our Community by the Food We Eat

SŌW was created by Sunny and John Fahlgren to be a welcoming place for friends and family of the community to come together and enjoy flavorful food keyed in on 12 important nutrients proven to positively influence our mood.

An estimated 25% of all Americans live with a mental health condition - most prevalently anxiety and depression - and we will all feel its impact at some point in our lives.

The numbers we were reading were alarming, and the data inspired us to dig deeper into the science of such disorders.

The more we read, along with the clinical experts we connected with, the more it became apparent that there was indeed an evidence-based correlation between diet and the cognitive functionality of the human brain.

Empowered by facts, we were led further down the path about how we might somehow pay forward the notion of improving the mental health of our community by the food we eat.

With the “why” now in place, answering the “how” was next. The conclusion - a restaurant - would yield the greatest impact in the community we live in, and in the city we love.

SŌW was born in 2019 as a dream brought to life through intention, determination and perseverance. A dream fueled at its core with the purpose to improve the mental health of our communities with the food we eat.


Wall of Hope
Wall of Hope

The Wall of Hope is the philanthropic underpinning of the SŌW brand whose mission it is (a) to educate our community about the evidence-based relationship between food and the cognitive functionality of the human brain, and (b) to provide nutrient-rich “mood boosting” meals to families of our community facing an immediate mental health crisis.

What We Eat Impacts Our Mental Health

Our chef curated, research driven menu was intentionally created to include nutrients proven to support mental wellness.

The evidence-based relationship between food and mood is real, yet regrettably a far too often overlooked piece of our mental health puzzle.

Given the connection between our gut and brain, how we choose to nutritionally fuel our bodies significantly dictates how we feel – proof that what we eat (and drink) contributes to the wellbeing of our physical self.


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